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Grief, Loss, and Suicide Prevention in the Black Community

March 16, 202213:45 - 14:45 PM ESTLive Stream via Crowdcast

Grief, Loss, and Suicide Prevention in the Black Community

In this session, participants will have an opportunity to discuss the existence of grief, loss, and suicide prevention within Black communities. This will include an in-depth dialogue of why these conversations tend to be stigmatized and uncomfortable. This session will allow participants to increase their knowledge around protective factors and explore resources, assessments, as well formal and informal interventions.

Key Points Of This Session

  • Identify one or more resources for locating a therapist or mental health provider in their community
  • Be able to recognize the impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on rising mental health concerns
  • Differentiate between supportive conversation vs toxic positivity related to grief, healing, and mental well being


Carly King

Assistant Director of Widener University Online MSW Program

Kimberly Carroll

Founder of the Social Work Community

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