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Silent Voices: The Undocumented Trauma of Mass Incarceration

March 16, 202210:10 - 11:10 AM ESTLive Stream via Crowdcast

Silent Voices: The Undocumented Trauma of Mass Incarceration

Researchers and service providers often times speak on behalf of their subject or client without ever actually hearing from the people themselves. The voice of those directly impacted is essential when working with those who are. It is important to discuss the various considerations when working with this population. The unwillingness to acknowledge those lived experiences contribute to the trauma that people deal with daily.

It is experienced in the pre-incarceration, during incarceration, and Reentry. Issues such as mental health and trauma are often overlooked, however have a direct connection to employment, housing, access to resources, and family dynamics. The purpose is to provide education and insight on how trauma impacts one’s reentry journal and carries over even years after returning home. The forum will discuss the barriers to resources and support that exist to a growing population who are going into the prison system only to return home.

Key Points Of This Session

  • To work at dispelling the myth of mental health services that exist behind and beyond bars/lack of supportive services beyond the bars
  • Discuss the lack or limited mental health resources while incarcerated
  • Discuss the importance of seeking information directly from those system impacted when developing programs or policies


Charlotte Garnes

Founder and Director of ReNForce

Zaria Davis

Entrepreneur and Business Consultant

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