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The Power of Three Campaign

March 16, 202209:00 - 10:00 AM ESTLive Stream via Crowdcast

The Power of Three Campaign!

Social work CAN help save Democracy! Imagine if all 700,000 social workers registered and mobilized three people to vote?! Voting is a basic human right and a powerful tool for shaping public policy. States where voting is easier score significantly higher on many measures of well-being, including health. Conversely, many states are passing laws that roll back voting rights and access, and in some cases, threaten the foundation of our Democracy.

This session will present voting as a WE activity; share why social workers are perfectly positioned for this work; why local and state elections are the place to be; and share easy tools, like VotER, that not only allow social workers to safely register voters in all 50 states but encourages people to vote in all elections, year after year!

Key Points Of This Session

  • Voting as an important and powerful intervention for all social workers
  • The importance of local and state elections to racial, economic, political and social justice movements
  • Easy ways social workers can build political power in communities legally, ethically, and effectively.


Shannon R. Lane

Associate Professor at the Wurzweiler School of Social Work

Tanya Rhodes Smith

Director of the Nancy A. Humphreys Institute for Political Social Work

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