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The Story of One Woman’s Mental Health Journey In Pursuit of a Lifelong Dream

March 16, 202211:20 - 12:20 AM ESTLive Stream via Crowdcast

The Story of One Woman's Triumph In Pursuit of a Lifelong Dream

The inspirational story of one woman’s pursuit of higher education while navigating her mental health journey. “At first, I did not want to believe that I had a mental illness. I chose to pretend like I did not have a mental illness. In the beginning, I stopped taking my medications and this resulted in me losing everything that I owned.” – Cathryn Murray (Interview with SWHELPER 8 years Ago)

Key Points Of This Session

  • Understand the challenges of onset mental illness while pursuing Higher education
  • Understand stigma and barriers to treating mental health disorders
  • Identify methods for resilience and self-esteem building to improve mental well being


Cathryn Murray

Plus-Size Model and Master's Student

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