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Not Getting Summit Emails?
Who Is Hosting the Virtual Summit and Who is it For?
Registration and System Access
Continuing Education and Field Placement Credits
Verifying Live Viewing for CEUS and Certificates
Troubleshooting Guide and Video
Refund Policy

Verify Registration

If you purchased a ticket or registered via a group sign-up link, you can go to https://summit.swhelper.org and crowdcast.io/sign-in and put in the email you registered with and request a magic link or password reset with your registration email.

Email Being Blocked By Server

If you are using a work or school email address and you have checked your email and spam folders after multiple tries without receiving anything, your work or school IT department may be blocking those emails:

  1. Contact IT for your work or school place and ask them to pass list emails for the Summit. (Provide this Letter)

  2. If you have already purchased a ticket Submit a Request to support@swhelper.zendesk.com to have your registration email changed to a personal address prior to March 13th, 2022. Requests after this time may not be honored.

For Technical Support, for general questions about content, ceu credit, field hour credits, refunds, or other information about the Virtual Summit, contact us via the help chat box on https://summit.swhelper.org or email support@swhelper.zendesk.com. We will not be providing support using any other email address and any requests to other email mailboxes may not be monitored for Summit Support questions and concerns.

1. Who is hosting this Virtual Summit?

Social Work Helper, PBC (SWHelper) is a digital publishing platform for social work and helping professionals located at www.swhelper.org. We are hosting this Summit in collaboration with the Council on Social Work Education.

2. Do I have to be a social worker to attend or present at the Virtual Summit?

No, this Summit is open to the public. Students can receive field placement hours for attending. CEUS are being offered for this event. We are seeking CEU accreditation from the National Association of Social Workers

3. Where will the Virtual Summit take place?

This is a virtual conference which means it will take place online in “real-time,” live through the Internet. As a result, you do not have to travel or get hotel accommodations. You can view the Summit from the comfort of your home if you choose.

4. When Will I get access to the conference website?

Immediately, you will receive instructions and access to your user account on the Summit’s website and Crowdcast once your registration is complete. The email address and registration name will be automatically registered for our Day One and Day Two live streams. 

5. What are the dates and times for the Summit?

The Summit will begin on Wednesday, March 16th and 17th, from 8:30 AM (EST) to 4:00 PM (EST) each day.

6. Will I receive written confirmation of my registration?

Yes. Registrants will receive an email confirmation shortly after purchasing their ticket. If you have verified your registration by attempting to log into the summit website and crowdcast and are unable to reset your password, please contact support@swhelper.zendesk.com.

7. Is registration required?

Yes. Please see the Registration section above. This is a paid event and only registrants who purchase tickets or have sponsored access will gain access to the Summit’s livestream.

8. What if I cannot attend all of the live events? Will I be able to view the presentation(s) at another time?

Yes. All sessions will be recorded and available on-demand following the live event. Field Hours can be earned anytime during your access period, but on-demand sessions will not be eligible for CEUS. You must attend live to earn ceus.

9. When will I receive login/password information?

After you purchase your ticket or register via signup link, you can immediately go to https://summit.swhelper.org/login and crowdcast.io put in your registration information to either login, reset your password or receive a magic link for access. You will be immediately registered for the live streams and the summit’s system when your ticket purchase is completed.


CEU and Field Hours


Students can earn up to 12 field hours. Each session is worth 1 hour and credit can be earned from live or recorded viewing. A session evaluation must be completed in order to claim credit for each session.


CEU accreditation for social workers is from the National Association of Social Workers (NASW). Before purchasing your professional pass, please check with your individual states on whether they accept CEUS from National NASW. Professionals can earn up to 12 CEUS. However, sessions must be viewed live and a completed session evaluation must be completed to receive credit.


We have revamped our Summit’s system to automatically verify live viewing and sessions evaluations to give credit to attendee accounts in our learning management system. However, intially certificates will be emailed to you once the live viewing has been verified. Then, you will be able to access your certificates print out, and download certificates directly. Also, this system will be our permanent record-keeping system which will allow attendees to come back any time after the Summit and re-download their CEU hours and certificates.

Troubleshooting FAQ’s 2022 

Please view this guide if you need assistance with logging and viewing sessions. 

Ticket Refund Policy?

All sales are final, no refunds, and nontransferable. If your ticket is purchased prior to your school or organization sponsoring the event, your ticket will not be refunded. If you purchase a ticket without using the discount access code by your sponsoring organization or school, your ticket will not be refunded.