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Lorri Key

Therapist and Social Work Supervisor


Speaking Sessions


Lorri Key completed a dual degree in Social Work and Public Health. She holds nearly twenty years of experience as a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW). Her proudest accomplishment was creating a counseling center within a church setting and implementing HIV testing, anger management, and mental health training to the Pastoral Staff.  Not one to be limited, Lorri also took time to pursue her interests in music and ended up performing at theme parks, churches, and with local Florida bands while providing counseling services.  

Having overcome her own struggles with depression and anxiety, Lorri works diligently at educating communities on issues surrounding mental health and emphasizing the importance of support.  Lorri also collaborates frequently with faith based institutions to extend their reach in providing mental health services to the community. Growing up with her father who was a minister, she understands the reality of faith and mental health needing to support instead of competing against each After contracting with a psychiatrist to provide individual services, Lorri launched out on her own and created Alignment Counseling and consulting with a focus on helping Black women to become healthy and whole. 

She is Board Certified Supervisor in Texas, EMDR trained, and an #Iamremarkable facilitator and public speaker with topics including Saving Our Last Nerve, Self Care and the Modern Day Social Worker, My Blues Aren’t Like Yours. 

Lorri’s belief is in life we may stray from our true selves, but our spirit will never allow us to ignore the core of who we are. Using Healthy, Healed, and Whole as her motto, Lorri approaches counseling women with the thought that healing includes mind, body, and spirit. When they align: women tap into an incredible power to change their thoughts and choices for their good.