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Leadership and Diversity: Preparing Students for the Workforce

March 27, 202312:00 - 13:00 PM EDTLive Stream via Crowdcast

Leadership and Diversity: Preparing Students for the Workforce

The presentation will examine strategies to prepare students for leadership and diversity through workforce development activities related to implementing the Integrated Practice Model (IPM). The presentation will review the workforce development activities, including curriculum development integration and workshop facilitation, demonstrating how to work with children, youth, families, and vulnerable adults. The presentation will also provide examples of how these activities have better prepared the students to work with diverse groups and develop effective leadership.


Key Points Of This Session

  • Define and Understand the Integrated Practice Model (IPM)
  • Identify Diversity and Leadership Strategies for Workforce Development
  • Provide demonstration of these strategies when working with children and families


Vivian Shannon-Ramsey

Director of Field Education Bowie State University

Phyllis Gillians

Assistant Professor at Bowie State University

Makeba Green

Chair of the Department of Social Work at Bowie State University

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